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Copenhagen Business School, CBS, is in search of a new president. We are looking for a dedicated and committed president who is motivated to sustain and enhance CBS' position as one of the leading business schools in Europe.

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What we want
In 2020, CBS adopted a strategy, clearly stating CBS' commitment to actively contribute to solving significant challenges faced by the business community and society at large. Green transition, digitalisation and a changing global situation are all examples of challenges impacting the business community, where the business community at the same time plays a vital role in providing solutions.

Being the university of the business community, CBS wishes - through research and research-based education at international level - to take responsibility for addressing such challenges and opportunities. Both the ones we know and those we do not know. This constitutes the essence of our strategy and is achieved through relevant, top-tier research, a programme portfolio focusing on quality and relevance, and through the education of academically adept candidates. Moreover, this requires focus on impact and emphasises the active involvement of employees and students in bringing about necessary changes in the business community and society.

The position
As president, you will report to the CBS Board of Directors, and you will be head of the CBS Senior Management. In addition to yourself, Senior Management includes a deputy president, a dean of education, a dean of research and a university director.

CBS is a complex organisation with a comprehensive stakeholder landscape. With Senior Management, you are responsible for the day-to-day and strategic management of CBS as well as ultimately responsible for CBS' around 20,000 students, 2,300 permanent and part-time employees and an annual turnover of DKK 1.6 billion.

As president, you must develop CBS' position as an international and interdisciplinary business school and ensure CBS' contribution to society through research and research-based education. Focusing on the core tasks of CBS - education, research, dissemination and collaboration with society - the president must lead the organisation in a way that motivates and inspires confidence.

The CBS Board of Directors focuses on transparent, responsible and reliable interaction with the president and that the president puts effort into ensuring wide organisational support of decisions made by the Board of Directors and Senior Management.

With the chairman of the Board of Directors, the president represents CBS and is responsible for CBS' collaborative partnerships in Denmark and abroad.

For a detailed description of the job and the desired competences, please refer to the Job description.

Your qualifications
We find it important that you are a well-respected and experienced leader who have achieved significant results through effective professional and personal leadership

Essentially, you

  • are experienced in leading a large public or private research and education institution within business economics, social sciences or related areas.
  • have experience in cooperating with public and private companies and institutions and on international research and education at university level.
  • have insight into international trends and development in the university sector and the companies and sectors recruiting CBS' graduates.
  • have insight into the Danish political system, international collaborative partners and networks, allowing you to represent CBS nationally and internationally.

Moreover, we focus on whether you can and will:

  • be courageous, curious and attentive, as these are qualities we wish to promote through the CBS strategy.
  • show decision-making power and action and the ability to engage, motivate and create ownership, this way contributing to ensure continuous implementation and development of the strategy and the best possible implementation of the master program reform at CBS for the benefit of our graduates and employers.
  • implement a leadership style where listening to and involving the voices of the organisation - management, employees, students - in essential decisions is important to you, as we aim for development to take place in an ongoing dialogue with the organisation and its various stakeholders.
  • complement, support and constructively challenge and collaborate with your Senior Management colleagues, allowing the team to jointly become better and better.
  • communicate clearly in writing and orally, allowing you to create understanding, followership and constructive dialogue internally and externally.
  • reflect on and adjust your own leadership approach because we must be able to continually develop and evolve jointly as an organisation and as individuals.
  • contribute to enhancing the attractiveness of CBS' graduates in a digitalised world through increased digitalisation of CBS' programmes, research and administration.

Finally, mandatory requirements are that you:

  • have a solid academic background in the research and education world as an internationally recognised scholar at associate professor or preferably professor level in business administration, the social sciences or a related area.
  • have experience with management and organisation of research and education environments and insight into how a university performs and interacts with the external environment.
  • have a well-established financial insight and understanding.
  • are fluent orally and in writing in English and Danish or another Scandinavian language. You are expected to document and account for the above in your application and interview.

Recruitment process
The CBS Board of Directors will appoint the president on the recommendation of an appointment committee including seven board members and the deputy president. The chairman is head of committee.

One of CBS' strategic goals is the promotion of diversity, which is why every effort has been made to facilitate a recruitment process that aids in reducing potential bias during recruitment.

We therefore encourage applicants not to include photos or more personal information than absolutely necessary in their application.

Job interviews are expected to take place in week 11 (round 1) and week 14 (round 2). Tests will be administered between rounds 1 and 2.

Terms of employment
Appointment and salary will be in accordance with the Ministry of Finance's agreement with the relevant organisation. The position of president is fixed-term and receives pay grade 39 with post-negotiation of pay supplements possible.

Application and contact information
Apply for the position online by clicking on the link "Apply online", which allows you to fill out the application form and attach your application, CV and any appendices. The application deadline is 25 February 2024.

 For more information on the recruitment process or the job, please contact Torben Möger Pedersen,

Chairman of the CBS Board of Directors at e-mail [email protected],
Inger Askehave, Deputy President of CBS, at [email protected] or Sidsel Wied, consultant at
Zeuthen Storm, at tel. 2682 4812 and e-mail [email protected]

Copenhagen Business School supports equal opportunities and encourages all relevant parties to apply regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnicity. All applications will be treated confidentially and assessed by CBS' appointment committee.

CBS is a globally recognised business school with a broad focus and deep roots in the Nordic socio-economic model.


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